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F-29 Bar & Lounge
Let yourself be carried away by a high-flying experience
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F-29 Bar & Lounge
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F-29 bar & lounge
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The most exclusive cocktails can be found on board the F-29.

Bebida Cocktail en el F29


The favourite cocktail has the official name, the perfect blend of premium gin and tropical flavour with a hint of citrus.

Mojito en el bar avión

Classic Mojito

There is no doubt that mojitos are always a hit, but if there is one thing we are sure of, it is that you won't try any better than ours. Do you dare to discover it?


Bloody Mary

I want a love that can be enjoyed like the Bloody Mary F-29, slowly... slowly... slowly...



Take a chance! Because all good things start with a little fear.
And remember, a drunk airline pilot is better than an empty tank.

3D Inside Tour of F-29

"The happiest passengers are on board of F-29 Bar & Lounge"

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✈︎ Phone: 928 91 83 48

✈︎ Email: info@f29bar.es

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